Learn About Our Bathroom Shower Refinishing Services

We can refinish or repair your shower pan and shower wall tile

NuFinishPro can restore your existing bathroom shower, stall and shower pan enclosure to look like new again. Bathroom refinishing, re-glazing, restoring, and resurfacing can save you up to 75% of the cost of bathroom reconstruction. Bathroom shower refinishing can not only save you money over remodeling, but it can actually be more eco-friendly.

Our service includes refinishing your bathroom shower stall, pan, or tiled shower stall. NuFinishPro can apply a plumber’s cut-out patch to a shower wall for any work that has been previously done there.

NuFinishPro’s other services include removing or repairing your existing shower door, chemically cleaning the shower pan, and stripping off the previously defective coating, so your shower looks like new again.

Shower refinishing service

Shower repairs and our other services.

NuFinishPro’s other services include repairing chips, scratches, or cracks in your existing fiberglass shower pan or stall before the refinishing work is done, which will improve the bathroom’s appearance. We will also apply a non-skid floor to your shower pan and add a drain liner to your existing bathroom shower stall, making the shower safer and more accessible.

50% of all the waste from our landfills comes from the construction industry, and at NuFinishPro we do our best to be eco-friendly by reducing our carbon footprint during construction. There is no better way to be more eco-friendly than by restoring, repairing, and refinishing your existing bathroom shower pan and stall. We make your existing bathroom shower fresh and clean again by using green-friendly materials during the construction process, reducing construction waste while refinishing your bathroom shower stall instead of replacing and discarding it.

Let our technicians refinish, resurface, or re-glaze your bathroom shower—and save you money.

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