Bathrooms are normally a highly transited place in a house. With so much traffic, bathrooms can get shabby and dirty faster than other rooms in your property. In La Mesa, CA, you might have the desire to renovate your bathroom but delay it due to the price. If you’re looking for a less expensive way to update and brighten up your bathroom without having to pay the expense of carrying out an expensive bathroom remodeling project, turn to NuFinishPro of San Diego. We’re your local surface refinishing company specializing in bathtubs. Our bathtub refinishing services enhance the facade and aesthetic of your bathroom and boost its utility.

There was a time when the only solution to water stains and rust was removing the offending component and replacing it with a new one. Luckily, NuFinishPro is an outstanding option to costly tub substitutions. Our trained and qualified surface resurfacing contractors carry out first-rate bathtub refinishes, modernize your bathroom and increasing the value of your property. Our chemical cleaning procedures strip the surfaces of your tubs of stains caused by rust, mildew, and other elements, as well as removing calcium buildup. Go with NuFinishPro in the La Mesa, CA, region to freshen up and improve your bathroom.

Cost-Effective Bathtub Updates

Our bathtub surface refinishing contractors have the prowess to implement a number of services that will make your bathtub look up-to-date. Occasional repairs and refinishing work are indispensable for property owners because of how bathtub are a highly transited area of a house. With time your bathroom may exhibit discolored tub pans, cracked tile or worn out pressure valves, spouts or drains. It’s essential to stay on top of regular maintenance to ensure that everything stays in great condition for many years. Although, an old home might get to the point that it requires thorough bathroom surface refinishing project. Below are some of the services our contractors can provide La Mesa, CA, clients:

  • Re-glaze tub
  • Repair tiled surfaces
  • Resurface fiberglass bathtub pan
  • Restoring bathtub
  • Fix and touch up tub enclosure
  • Chemically clean bathtub
  • Patch up plumber cut-outs made to walls
  • Add drain liners to tub
  • Apply non-skid floors
  • Use eco-friendly construction strategies

Let NuFinishPro Refinish your Bathtub Right Away

With over 31 years of experience, NuFinishPro of San Diego continues to provide top-of-the-line surface refinishing services. Your local technicians in La Mesa, CA, has the training and ability to upgrade the look of your bathroom. Our deliberate and polished workers are licensed, insured, and have completed meticulous background checks. NuFinishPro of San Diego welcomes you to contact our local office in La Mesa, CA, today to learn more about our bathtub surface refinishing and receive a no-obligation estimate.

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